Three Reasons to Avoid Hanging Your Shoes on an Electric Line

Three Reasons to Avoid Hanging Your Shoes on an Electric Line

If you’ve ever walked along a power line and noticed a pair of black sneakers dangling from a high voltage cable, you know what it’s like to be struck by lightning. The most common victims of the electric shock are sneakers thrown from high-rise buildings, but if you’re a novice, throwing your shoes at an electric line is probably a far safer idea. Just make sure to practice your aim and follow all safety precautions first.

Tennis shoes

A recent report in the Toronto Star described how a woman accidentally tripped on an electric line and was shocked by the sight of her white tennis shoes hanging in mid-air. She quickly figured out that the shoes were hanging from a power line and decided to investigate. She spotted four pairs of shoes and tracked them down to Parkdale, where they were hung on a wire. Some people believe that the shoes are hanging to remember a loved one who passed away.

Basketball shoes

Throwing Basketball shoes on an electric line has multiple meanings. Depending on where you are, it can symbolize death, good luck, or prosperity. It can also be a gang symbol, signaling the passing of a sexual milestone. Whatever the meaning, you should avoid putting your shoes on the line. If you’re planning on doing it, follow these precautions. We’ll look at three common reasons why people hang their shoes on an electric line.


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Lineman safety boots are specially designed for the protection of professional linemen. This type of work requires them to walk on power lines that can carry up to 360,000 volts of electricity. Working on these lines is dangerous and can be deadly, so linemen should always wear protective footwear. These boots are insulated and have dielectric construction, which makes them safe to wear. However, some of these boots have metal inserts, which can conduct electricity.


Many people wonder about the significance of sneakers on electric lines. They might assume it is related to gang activity, but in fact, it’s more likely to mean something else. Often, people who are shot throw their shoes against power lines as a symbol of their death. It is an ugly, yet important, symbol for the community. Whether it is a child or an adult, this act can send the wrong message.

Boots with laces hanging from overhead wires

An urban myth about discarded shoes hangs from the wires of an overhead power line. It’s not uncommon to see these shoes dangling from the air; however, there are several other explanations. Gang members hang shoes as a mark of territory, crack dealers hang shoes as advertising for their presence in a neighborhood, and overpuffed boys hang shoes as a way to indicate a significant sexual milestone.

Athletic shoes

The story of the shoes hanging from an electric line is not new. In fact, it’s been happening for decades. The utility line now has 40 pairs of sneakers hanging like welcome banners. It’s even been filmed, and a hotline has been set up for people to submit theories and find out for themselves. However, the shoes have been causing some problems. If you have seen them, you can tell they’re not the only ones.

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