How Many Shoes is Too Many?

How Many Shoes is Too Many?

We all have a desire to buy shoes but the question is, how much is too much? Whether you’re a shoe addict or not, you might be tempted to buy more than you actually need. A new book by Beth Harbison explores the lives of four women who are obsessed with footwear. Each one owns two pairs of shoes (called “skinny jeans”) and a wide selection of other footwear.

Needs vs wants

Needs and wants are different things that we all need and want, but they’re sometimes confusing. Needs are necessary, such as shelter, and wants are merely nice things to have. However, in the current world of consumerism, it can be difficult to separate needs from wants. You can think of clothes and shoes as necessities, but a desire is an item that you’d like, but not necessarily need.

What is a need? Are you really in need of that pair of shoes, or do you want to have that new pair of heels? Think about your needs before you purchase anything. Are you sure you need new shoes that look cool? Will you wear them for years to come? It’s better to consider your needs than your wants. The difference between wants and needs is significant. In other words, you might not need a new pair of shoes, but you may need an inexpensive pair of sneakers that won’t be uncomfortable to wear.

Rotate your shoes

One of the best ways to keep your shoes healthy is to rotate your shoes frequently. This is particularly important for runners, as the repeated use of the same pair will cause the foam inside the midsole to break down and lose its shape, resulting in faster deterioration. Rotating your shoes also helps prevent repetitive overload injuries. Rotating your shoes every few months can extend the life of your shoes by as much as two times. Here are some tips for rotating your shoes:

One of the benefits of rotating your shoes is that it makes it easier to use multiple pairs at once. You can leave your heavier shoes at home and keep your lightweight ones at the gym. This will make your training easier and less likely to lead to injuries. Moreover, this practice can also extend the life of your running shoes. You can also make use of your shoes from multiple seasons. A good idea is to rotate your running shoes every few months so that you can get the maximum benefit from them.

Some famous people have more than a thousand pairs of shoes. Celine Dion has over three thousand pairs, while poker player Beth Shak has over one thousand pairs. Kim Kardashian can’t count how many pairs of stilettos she owns, while Paris Hilton has a vast collection. While it is common for a woman to have over a hundred pairs of shoes, most women own between 17 and 20 pairs, and only 11 pairs of those are pristine. The question is, how much is too many?


Shoe addiction has become a common problem for New Yorkers. With limited storage space, cramped apartments, and sidewalks that devour shoes, it can be difficult to know when enough is enough. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the number of shoes you own and still have a stylish wardrobe. Here are some ideas to help you decide how many is too many. In the first place, analyze your use of shoes. If you don’t wear some of them very often, it may be time to sell or donate them to a charity.

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